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Salt water systems provide sanitation through the process of electrolysis.  During electrolysis, salty water is forced across a special metal cell which is charged with an electrical current.  This process creates chlorine.  This chlorine has an identical chemical structure as purchased chlorine and gives us the same benefits as purchased chlorine.

A salt water system is an effective alternative way to sanitize your pool water - it simply utilizes a chlorine generator instead of direct addition of chlorine!


Your pool becomes a "salt water pool" by the installation of device called a Salt Water Chlorinator.  This is a two part unit - the diagnostic control box is mounted to the wall of your pool shed, and the electrode cell is plumbed into the plumbing line after the heater.  

A large amount of salt (600 lbs or so) is added to the pool initially.  Since the salt does not evaporate it is only topped up from time-to-time because of splash out or the addition of make-up water or rainwater to your pool

Switching to a salt water pool is easy! All you need to do is add the recommended amount of salt for the number of liters in your pool, install the salt water chlorinator and turn it on. Potentially any pool can be changed to salt. Ask us about switching to salt water this year.


Convenience and constant delivery of pure chlorine-based sanitizer - you don't need to purchase and transport chlorine from the store to your backyard.  You're basically creating a mini-chlorine factory inside your swimming pool!

Reduces irritating chloramides that traditional chlorinating methods miss.

Silky and soft water that increases blood circulation - an effect of the electrolytic process.

The salt concentration is 3500 parts per million (ppm); that's less than a tear drop (9000ppm). Which also means it won't leave salt residue on your skin!

No more red eyes, green hair, dry irritated skin, or smell of chlorine.

Due to the fact that salt water pools have low stabilizer levels, the algae in salt water pool systems 
cannot grow like the algae in chlorine pools.
Have peace of mind when you go on vacation - your pool cleans itself!


Salt is naturally corrosive. Maintaining your water balance is essential for long life of your pool.

A regular maintenance dose of Scale Inhibitor is recommended

It is important to adjust the device if there's an increase in pool usage. If you're expecting a higher bather load (for a pool party, etc)increase the machine's setting.  When the usage returns to normal, adjust the setting back to normal. Be careful not to maintaina high chlorine reading for extended periods.

The cell needs to be replaced every few years, and the system will never pay for itself, but the increased water comfort makes switching worthwhile.