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Hot Tubs- Water Balancing & Enhancing

Alka Rise (750g) 
Alka Rise (2kg) 
Bromicharge Bottle (3.5lbs)
Brominating Granuals (700g)
Bromine Tabs (1.5kg)
Bromine Tabs (4kg)
Chlorine Tabs (800g)
Chlorine Tabs (2kg)
Chlorine Granuals (800g)
Dazzle Amaze (900g)
Dazzle Amaze Plus (800g)
Dazzle Balance TH Plus (650g)
Dazzle Botanical Cleanse (750ml)
Dazzle Drain Prep (750ml)
Dazzle PH Down (950g)
Dazzle TA Plus (750g)
Filter Cartridge Cleaner (1L)
Look Concentrated Clarifier (4L)
PH Booster (750g)
PH Reducer (1kg)
Spa Perfect (2L)
Spa Clear (500ml)
Spa Shock (100g)
Shock (1kg)


Dazzle Performance Plus (625g)
Ultra Spa (700g)
inSPAration Aromatherapy (9oz)
inSPAration Aromatherapy (1/2oz)

Available Aromas:  
Cherry Blossom, Coconut Mango, Eucalyptus Mint,
Jasmine, Joy, Lavender, Passion, Pomegranate, Romance, Spaberry,
Tranquillity, Vanilla Twist